About tribehut

Founded by Zak Mensah

I started tribehut back in 2003 during university when I was studying Multimedia Computing and decided that the best way to get better was to make things that solved real problems.

I have worked with Bristol City Council, the University of Leicester, PhotoVoice and many small charities, businesses and other design agencies. I have worked on over 150 projects and my work has been used by thousands of people which makes me very happy.

I am currently particularly interested in making digital books and seeing how people are using mobile devices which I write about over at my blog called 'Reasonable Doubt'. As well as thinking about the 'whats' and 'whys' I regularly speak at events so I can continuously sharpen my ideas in front of a living, breathing audience and be an active part of the community...

Get in touch via info@tribehut.com to talk about your project.

Portrait of me, Zak Mensah